Media 9/4 – 9/8

This past weekend, we hosted a fundraiser at Tante’s Island Cuisine to benefit our upcoming travels. A special thanks to the owner, Tante Urban, for donating 100% of the proceeds to our STEMworks club!


In addition, this week was the first week for new media students. Our returnees are busy teaching the new students about editing softwares, cameras, and professionalism. Returnee, Jaime Raigoza, introduces storyboarding to Loea Hue Sing. He enjoys teaching others because, “I want them to grow up and remember how much they’ve learned in the STEMworks club and how much they enjoyed it.”


This Thursday, we also held our second meeting to discuss our fundraiser booth at the fair and different opportunities the STEMworks club offers. Over 70 families attended, and more are soon to come.


Robotics 9/5/17

Last week in robotics we split the builder team into two groups the lift group and the base group. The base group has finished and the lift group is almost done. Trent of the base group said the best way of getting things done quickly is ” by communicating with each other. “IMG_0033.jpg

This week in the programer team they want to program the lift when it is finished. So they make sure there will be no problems when the time comes to start practicing for the  competition. Neveah says ” You have to focus to do your best so you can succeed.”IMG_0051.jpg

Media 8/28 – 9/1

This week, Kayla Westberg and her team are rocking the ELA standards while working on their movie trailer script. Kayla says, “Working with my team is really fun and everyone is really supportive. If you need help you can always ask someone.”

Meanwhile, Wincy Perez practices his animation skills in Adobe After Effects. Wincy explained that, “Making graphics is really complex because there are many different ways to create something, but it’s all worth it in the end.”

Robotics 8/27-9/1

This week the builders are woking on the base. Hopefully next week they are ready to build the lift and claw. Cailyn Omuro says, “Building is challenging and fun and I like redoing things and seeing it come together.  Wow, I did that!”

On the other hand the programers are working hard programming the claw and dive for the robot.  Emily Tom, a second year programmer, says, “Programming is complicated at first, but once you have done it for a while it starts to make sense and you feel accomplished.”

Register to Walk or Just Support

The Friends of Maui Waena, a non profit organization formed to support the community of learners at Maui Waena, has registered to walk in this year’s Hotel Industry Charity Walk. The proceeds from this fundraiser will be used to support the STEM club and the Maui Waena faculty.

ALL STEMclub members are expected to at least register ($25) and walk on May 13, but are HIGHLY encouraged to seek more donations. To register your student, you can follow this link

All students must also fill out a permission form that they can get from Mrs. Suzuki. It would be great if we could make this a family event. More entry forms can be given if you need.

We also have receipts that you can issue, if your donors or you need.

Thank you and see you at the walk!

Garden Workday

On Saturday, September 24, over 50 people came together to improve Maui Waena’s garden.

Thank you Jaimie Dukelow and the crew with American Savings and their Seeds of Service program. We planted 70 trees, cleaned and replanted the garden, and installed drip irrigation. Wow! Maui Waena will soon have an amazing food forrest. Big thanks to the parents, sudents, teachers snd especially to the phenomenal Michael Marchand. who made it all possible. A huge shout out to MEDB and the Women in Tech who wrote the 21st Century grant that made it all possible