Job Descriptions


Webmasters are in charge of keeping different pages like Falcon Features, Media, Gardening, and Robotics up to date. They are also responsible for surveys, paperwork, and summaries of what work we are doing each week. Webmasters are also responsible for posting recaps and falcon features weekly on this website. 

Social Media

This role is given the responsibilities of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter posts with summaries or recaps weekly. They also publicize , advertise, and do contests or pools to interact with our viewers, followers, and other supporters. 

Falcon Features

This role is in charge of our weekly Falcon Features show. This includes monitoring our story progress, listening and approving pitches, keeping our viewers interested and informed, and meeting our deadlines for our show. 


This job is to find new contests for our media group to enter, keeping track of due dates for all contests. They also organize and upload our entries, know the rules and other information needed, and notify the webmaster and social media of our accomplishments. 

Advertising/Community Relations

This tasks of this job is to give and keep track of jobs for events. They also write letters, organize presentations, send thank you cards and gives information to the webmaster to update to the website.