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Meeting minutes 9/12/19

Meeting minutes 8/13/19

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Meeting minutes 5/29/19


Minutes 1/9/2019

The grant is ending.

Medb Maui Economic Development Board came to help

Multi million dollar grant

Payment from them

Federal grant

Program needs to be self sufficient.

Charge monthly fee as a  Last resort.

For all kids to be here after school

Alternative fundraising

Corporate sponsors

6 and 10 thousand donations

Come with proposal to other places like the governor

Governor supports stem

State not #1 place to find money

State corporate fundings

Needs help funding money

List of people to approach

  • Maui electric
  • Airforce
  • Boeing ?

Formal committee

Needs staff like notetaker and money person

stem boosters

Signed up for charity walk this year 4,000-10,000 and hopes to get 5,000

Get between 15 – 20 % back in donation grant

Friends of maui waena non profit to take grants and donations

Tantes giving 100% profit

Many auction items

Funding ideas

  • Pascual’s catering
  • Monsanto ?
  • boeing

Ideal sponsors

  • Technology companies
  • Boeing?
  • bank


Cultural grants

Stem exploration days promote culture

Need more connections


Needs 60,000

Melinda white stemworks program person

  • Proof of young people becoming better people
  • Keep  supplies and growth
  • Over 4 years Put in 200,000$$
  • Potential student pay
  • Engages in variety of student important to support


50 kids total

Jon A. volunteered a lot


No reapplied grant

Last January frozen federal funding


  • More federal money coming through
  • Coming to an end
  • Other funding streams
  • Supporting for years
  • 1000,000 huge
  • Grants for stuff easier than staff
  • Keeping people here to help
  • goal is to have the growth of students

Kids love it at the club and it’d be bad if they couldn’t come

Differences in fees people

Trying to prevent exclusions

Equity most important

120 enrolled

80- 85 come on a regular basis

130 kids at the beginning at te

Different interest impact future decisions

30/mon 50 kids ??

Survey for parents to see if they are willing to pay a monthly fee?

Collection payments and if they dont pay they can’t go

Committee in STEM similar to band boosters

Needs help to run business . doesn’t know how

Finding multi year commitments

  • Local foundations
  • Key finding a foundation that’s generous
  • Goal: 10 companies that give 5,000 each year
  • No collect money from kids
  • Feel as though 40 kids can pay 100/month
  • Doesn’t know how to get to lunch reduce
  • 10 business and partial students
  • Taking advantage of parents for different committees
  • Possible PTSA
  • MEDB has served as a pass through for the money that is donated to a club or organization
  • With non profits, federal pays and a percent would go to the MEBD
  • System of paid hourly and monthly contraters

Form committees

Find someone with the skills to run a business to save money

MEBD is money manager


Use extra money found to give a sort of discount to those who can’t pay a monthly fee

Offset cost monthly and differences

Paypal one time transaction

Need to know foundations that would be interested in helping

Find family members that works for companies  

CTE doesn’t count for us


  • Fundraising committee
  • Grant fundraisers  
  • PR Committee – press releases
  • Social media committee
  • Promoting committee
  • Have someone manage small donations and someone to handle bigger donations

Maybe do commercials for companies

Self funding hard to so

Kids who can’t afford to pay can work classes
6th of February @ 5 30 next meeting





12/12/18 STEM Parent Meeting Minutes – Next Meeting 1/9/19 at 1730


  •         Shannon Robinson – Quickbooks, Grants
  •         Money collection, Bank Deposits, Updated Funds Available


  •         Jen and Curtis Omuro – Fundraising letters and mailing list – Google Drive – spice up letters with photos.  Different letter for corporations?

o   Presentation to corporations – In-person presentations by the kids? 3-5 minute video with alumni (10-30 second video talking about their experience with STEM), STN, HIKI NO, Use old video clips, T-shirt designs, Robotics awards etc.

o   Email presentations for corporations that don’t require in-person presentations with links to videos

  •         Michelle Ota – Email fundraising blast
  •         Grants – Jen Suzuki to fill in the meat of the grants and Shannon to review
  •         Applications to Costco, Walmart etc for donations – may be at the beginning of the calendar year
  •         STEM Exploration Days – pre-registration?  At the door fees?
  •         Website creation for solo practitioners – Kristina
  •         Charity Walk
  •         Annual fee per child – this would help raise up to $15,000 if all kids paid $20/month for 125 kids for 9 months.  Sliding scale for those kids with free/reduced lunch – ask for more shifts at the fair, or assign tasks – help with stamping letters, or whatever tasks you need done.
  •         Kids teaching classes to adults – Accept donations

Community Relations

  •         Newsletters – Jen Suzuki and kids
  •         Thank yous
  •         Social Media Posts – Hoot ??

To Do List:

  •         During STN practices – have kids make 3-5 minute video presentations for corporations showcasing STEM
  •         Wordpress pitch for website creation
  •         Letter to all parents – This should compare the price of Kama’aina  Kids $120/month to a monthly fee. Tell them there is no grant after this school year.  Annual budget is $60,000/year. Need help with fundraising, ….? Kids will need to have letter signed and return a portion to you-tear-off?
  •         Share Google Drive with group