Community Service

As a club, we make every effort to support the community of Maui.  We use our skill set to create videos for community organizations and businesses.  This not only gives our community access to quality videos, but it also gives our students a sense of pride and community spirit.  We hope that by participating in frequent community support, it will become a habit for club members and even after they leave us they will seek ways to support the community with their technological skills.


Here are some of the videos we have created for the community:

Student Abuse Reporting video for the Child Welfare Services and the Hawaii Department of Education

Rescue Tubes informational video and PSA for the Kihei/Wailea Rotary Club


Caregivers Walk recap (4 years) for Hale Mahaolu

Maui United Way Donation campaign video

Maui YMCA donation video

Habitat for Humanity


We have also created videos for local businesses in an effort to support our community:

Goodfellow Brothers, construction industry video

Tri-Isle trucking, commercial

Guri Guri, commercial

If the Shoe Fits, informational video

No Ka Oi Aquaponics, informational video


American Savings Bank, recap of branch opening

HADA Golf Tournament, recap


Our students have also used their skill set to run educational summer camps and classes which are open to all Maui students in grades 4-9:

Media and Robotics Classes for the past 5 years (4 to 6 week offerings)

Video and internet safety classes for Lanai students

Mentoring of Pomaikai’s media league and robotics club

STEM exploration days, where the public is welcome to come and explore various activities. This event is organized and run by students.  Our first STEM day was in the Spring of 2018.  Over 100 students and parents attended.  We have 4 scheduled for this year:

Take a look at our last event

This year’s STEM days are scheduled for the following days

September 29, 2018

December 1, 2018

March 2, 2019

May 11, 2019

We also feel it is important to form partnerships with community members and to keep our former students involved.  Here is a list of “partnerships” we have formed.

community partners:

Hale Mahaolu
Child Welfare Services
Kihei/Wailea Rotary Club
American Savings Bank
Hawaii Assc. of Dealers of Autos (HADA)
Lokahi Foundation
PBS Hawaii
Tante’s Island Cuisine
2 college (Dexter and Roxanne) 15 hours each
high schoolers
Czerena Bayle 70+ hours
John Fabella 70+ hours
Axl Daguio 70+
Brendan Yamamura 30+
Bryant Asuncion 30+
Kaycee Arase 30 +
MJ Dinong 30+
Jadynne Zane 30+
community members
Tavis G 30+
Don Suzuki 100+
Ross Matoi 30+