Please Fill this in Today


SRL Survey

STEMworks Survey

End of year survey for STEMworks






What do they do?…
Conduct all meetings
Be aware and follow up on all committees
Keep an updated calendar of events
Serve as a spokesperson on the students’ behalf; includes greeting and thanking guests
What do they do?…
Work with the president and follow up on all committees
Conduct meetings when the president is absent
Keep master calendar of all contest, SRL and Hiki No deadlines
(Multiple Secretaries)
Secretary 1
Keep an accurate attendance daily
In charge of clerical responsibilities (letters, invitations, publicity, minutes, thank yous)
Post practice schedule, announcements, notices
Keep an updated roster of student info
Secretary 2
Collection and distribution of all forms
This role is given the responsibilities of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter posts

They also publicize , advertise, and do contests or pools to interact with our viewers,
followers, and other supporters.

What do they do?…
Make sure all equipment is accounted for (daily)
Organize monthly inventory
Create and post equipment room schedule

This role is in charge of our weekly Falcon Features show.

This includes monitoring our story progress, listening and approving pitches, keeping
our viewers interested and informed, and meeting our deadlines for our show.

Must form committee to write, film standups

In charge uploading falcon features to tvstudio drive and mwisstem website

Find new contests to enter

Find new grants

Create presentations for companies, STEM conference, etc

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