STEMworks AFTERschool Program

Join us for our fundraiser lunch sponsored by Tante & Araceli Urban Foundation and the Friends of Maui Waena Intermediate School.  Payment button below.  I   If you have questions or need a ticket held for payment at the door, please contact Jennifer Suzuki at 385-2942 or


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Parent night presentation

Our school's STEM program is heading in an exciting direction. We are a partnered with the Maui Economic Development Board's Women in Technology and recipients of the 21st Century grant. This collaboration will provide our students with more opportunities for training, programs, and use of technology.

Because of this partnership, we are happy to announce that the Maui Waena Technology Club will be merging with the STEMworks AFTERschool program to offer Maui Waena Students even more. Students are welcome to enter the STEMworks program at no charge which will be held daily and include various STEM related opportunities, including media production, CAD, engineering, and robotics.

Along with Joining the STEMworks program, students can join FE2 (Falcon Entertainement and Engineering), which is the Media and Robotics club. There is are club dues which entitle students to use equipment and receive a club shirt.  This club is a serious commitment. We will be representing our school in many local and national events and students will be expected to be dependable and self-directed. As there is expense associated with equipment upkeep, competitions and travel, we will also be doing various fundraisers to offset travel expenses and students along with their families will be asked to assist.